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"The essence of creativity is not the possession of some special talent, it is
much more the ability to play." John Cleese

Creativity is exploring new ideas and playing with different solutions.
A person doesn’t need certain skills to be creative; they only need to use their imagination.
The spirit of creativity is rooted in playfulness.
Creativity is the ability to play. 
Talent isn’t as valuable as the ability to play when it comes to creativity.
The essence of creativity does not concern talent, but playfulness.
Playing around with different options and try different ideas makes a person creative.
Playing with different ideas and solutions is what creativity really is.
Play. Experiment. Create. It is that simple.
The heart of creativity lies within our inner child. 
Creativity is the ability to let go and have fun.
All people are capable of being creative, it just depends on how they decide to play with it that matters. 
The ability to play is much more prominent in the essence of creativity than the possession of some talent,
To creativity, the possession of some talent isn’t as important as the ability to play.
Who ever said creativity was a talent didn’t know have the ability to play.
A creative person is someone who creates and that’s all there is to it.
Playfulness is the essence of creativity.
Creativity isn’t a talent, it is the ability to let go and play.
Creativity is fostered not fostered from talent, it is fostered in playfulness.
It is not necessary to possess some talents to be creative.
The essence of creativity is more the ability to play than the possession of some talent.

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